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Gianni Mendes Toniutti is a Founding Partner of the Firm and the Head of its Immigration Department.

He is admitted to practice before the State of New York since 2005 and principally manages immigration-related cases involving corporate transfers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors. Mr. Mendes Toniutti is also specialized in immigration cases involving individuals of “extraordinary abilities” including musicians, actors, fashion designers, models, photographers, athletes, chefs, circus performers and other foreigners who possess extraordinary abilities in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics.

Mr. Mendes Toniutti has been named by several Italian and American media as "The Guru of Immigration" and "The Lawyer of the VIPs", having represented innumerous clients of international recognition during his long professional career.

Mr. Toniutti is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian and has extensive knowledge of business cultures in both the European and Latin countries. He received his Juris Doctor degree at the University of Bologna, Italy with a concentration on International Law in 2002 and earned an LL.M. in Comparative Law from the University of Miami, Florida in 2004. Mr. Toniutti also pursued a Legal Certificate in Immigration and Nationality Law from the Florida International University in 2007.

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New York Office

1740 Broadway

15th Floor

Manhattan, NY 10019

Phone: +1 917 672 3175

Fax: +1 305 675 3625


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