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contenzioso e arbitrati


Tosolini, Toniutti & Partners may provide assistance to individuals and legal entities, both Italian or foreign, in any phase and stage of a legal proceeding.  Our professionals also avail themselves of the cooperation of specialized lawyers of proven trustfulness and experience if their personal attendance to hearings or their participation to a specific litigation may be deemed appropriate.

As far as proceedings before civil courts, we give specific attention to the activities preceding the filing of the judicial complaint. Aware of the high costs of pursuing a legal action before a U.S. civil court, the approach of the Firm is to file before a judicial authority only when strictly necessary and for the best protection of the Client’s interests.  The Firm’s philosophy is to accomplish a satisfactory result without filing a judicial complaint and advise for the filing only when the Client has excellent chances of prevailing and the costs to be borne are convenient when compared to the possible outcome.

A significant part of the activities of the Firm’s litigation department relates to the management, on behalf of clients as well as of other lawyers, of litigations proceedings that are pending abroad (either before ordinary jurisdictions or arbitration panels) and also in the most problematic countries, thanks to the vast legal network to which the Firm is part.  In this respect, the Firm has acquired a specific expertise in the management of cases of international bankruptcy.

The Firm performs litigation activities also on behalf of other lawyers, being the professionals of the Firm able to manage the relevant cases on an autonomous basis, it being understood in any case their full compliance with the instructions received from the lawyers who are primarily in charge of the relevant cases.

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